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Dimensions of Wellness (Faith/Spiritual, environmental, social, education, finances, physical (nutrition and physical activity, habits/addictions, substance disorders, and occupation.

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About American Fitness Health & Wellness Institute
Over 3 Decades of Excellence

 The AFHWI, located in Ohio is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization located in downtown Dayton.  The organization provides Research & Development (R&D) specifically in cardiovascular activity, dimensions of wellness, nutrition, and wellness programming within the faith-based communities.  The mission of AFHWI is to create positive and healthy changes in the United States of America and beyond.  We also meet specific needs in the African American, Hispanic, youth, and senior communities that are being restored and revitalized by promoting self-sufficiency through partnerships.  Our mission is based on the nine dimensions of wellness as seen below, which includes health promotion such as: cardiovascular endurance activity improvement, chronic illness education and prevention (heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer, and obesity), spiritual wellness (faith-based), quality facilities, cleaner environments, and neighborhood reinvestment.  We provide cutting edge research, designs, development and compilation of the most effective wellness programs specifically for your needs including train-the-trainer courses and workshops. We provide the latest academically proven as well as faith-based information on health and wellness. Our functional experts include nutrition scientists, psychologist, wellness coaches, scientists, physicians, nurses, clergy, and others to assist in achieving your goals.  We provide worksite health programs including presentations, workshops and employee training as well as evaluations.  We also provide conference presentations as well as keynote presentations.  Review this website for various programs to suit your goals and objectives for your organization or offsite. The following classes are offered through our organization. For more information, contact us at  (937) 275-3770 or


IFNI Certifications

IFNI Fitness Certifications

Dr. J. Robinson, DrPH, PhD, DMin, MPH, MA, BA



Dr. Robinson is a true pioneer in the industry.  She has trained  tens of thousands of personal trainers, fitness instructors since 1986.  She has trained NFL, NBA, USFL, Army, Air Force, Navy, Olympic Athletes, and celebrities. She is a former competitor in the Fitness America Pageant as seen on ESPN in  over 21 countries and several other national networks. She is also a pageant judge including the Miss USA Pageant..

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